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Rajeane Kane


slogram wrote:

Anybody ever heard of a kit car co. named London Motors or something similiar out of Engstrom (sp?), Michigan?  If so can you tell me anythng about the MGTD kit that they made?


I’ve found three for sale around the inter-net. They are called “London Roadsters SPC” special construction models (seller hype?)  Still can’t locate the mfg co. but it might have been FFab. They appear to be different as they came stock equiped w/ wire wheels, spare tire, and the headlights appear to mounted direct to the hood/grill area instead of on the brace/mount(?) between the hood and the grill. Looks like maybe they were specially built for show as a parade car. They are kinda’ pricey. Still looking for additional info. tho.


anyone who says a picture is worth a 1000 words hasn’t seen some of the pics posted on the inter-net