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Mark Hendrickson


Nice car!!! Welcome to the FORUM

Correct Rob, the Ford Mustang II, Ford Pinto and Mercury Bobcat, as well as some Merkur XR4Ti, all had the same basic platform (Unibody floor) and drivetrains.

The first Pinto’s were 1.6L OHV I4’s in 1970. In 1971-72, they upgraded to the 2.0L OHC, both European Ford in origin. In late 1973, the American made (Lima, Ohio) 2.3L OHC I4 was introduced.

Although the European based 2.8L OHV V6 was available in the Pinto, Mustang II and Bobacat, most were the 2.3L Lima OHC I4, the V6 appearing in mostly station wagon variants of these cars and the Mustang II. The Mustang II was later available as the 2+2 Cobra with a 5.0L OHV V8, but had a slighly different platform to accomodate the larger transmission and exhaust routing requirements.

The 4 cylinder variants of these cars came with a tiny 7″ rear. However, the V6 powered cars, most all station wagons and the rare Mustang II Cobra’s came with the Ford 8″ rear, sometimes called the Baby 9″. 

Our Ford based TD kits share the drivetrain, supsension and steering from the afore mentioned donor cars. However, due to the fact that they were all Unibody cars, our TD’s foundation is an actual “perimeter” style mild steel frame, usually made by the kit manufacturer, to accept the Ford donor components .

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