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Mark Hendrickson


Hi Josh,

Are you looking for a ready to drive (turn key) car or a car that is not finished.

Also, there are at least 3 variants of these kits, Ford (Pinto/Mustang II/Bobcat), GM (Chevette/Pontiac T-1000), both of these are full frame, front engine, rear wheel drive. The third is the VW (Beetle) based kits which are rear engine, rear wheel drive.

Having had all three, my opinion is the front engine cars are closer to the real thing. Although the VW kits have their advantages too, particularly in mechanical parts availability. The Ford based kits are very easy to find mehcanical parts for too. The GM kits, like my British Coach Works, are harder to find mechanical parts for, but they are out there. I found a Chevette and Chevette parts collector (NOS and used) in Washington state that has been a Godsend to me.

Also, there are big differences in kit manufacturer quality, such as the fiberglass and body dimensions. As you see, these MGTD kits are not “one size fits all”.

I am trying to sell my British Coach Works GM (Chevette) based TD Replica. It is currently partially disassembled. So, the buyer would have to complete the re-assembly. The engine/trans and interior are out of it. If I don’t sell it, I’ll complete it and keep it.

Pink MG39608.5241319444