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Dan Rosa


Rich  ,  Try europarts 4 auction eBay # 260306284038,310097286940  for the MG logo dices  and many other mg parts and logo items . try   massy 1946 (30205) I bought center bar spinners  from there ,the both together look great on the wheels and are not priced bad at$38.94 for 4. on the spinners . The best part if your centers are rusted and wont clean and shine now if you paint them the chrome spinner caps look good and more like a factory wheel ,they were painted silver i have seen black ,from the factory ,and used chrome spinners they don’t have DO-UNDO  but knowone will see that. if you get the spinners all you need is 1/4 threded bar stock 12′ cut to- I think 3′ they will spin on your westen wheels using the nut , the big one , still as the center nut with the 2 arm spinner over top of them      BEST of luck Dan