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Dan & Marti Motley


Hey hi group!

Well, I’ve just kind of answered my own question regarding MiGi and perhaps some questions/comments of others. Our site contains a bunch of stuff on the Daytona MiGi and I just skimmed through that stuff. According to it, they coined the MiGi (no reason why though) and others began using it and they went to federal court over the issue and won exclusive rights to use MiGi. It appears from my quick read that the the only true MiGi’s out there are Daytona’s (I know neither of my last two apostrophes belong there but it’s a dynamic language, right?). Anyway, my thanks for all of your comments and thoughts on MiGi and Frankie for posting the Daytona stuff and whomever for supplying it to Frankie for posting and Victoria’s Secret for those great clothes for the ladies to wear. Happy Wednesday……..DanDan & Marti38371.4121643519