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I am only trying to tell you of my experience.  I installed Superior 750# Loadmaster helper springs and they raised the rear just slightly more than 1 inch.  I decided on the 750’s as the weakest helpers that I could find.  Since I am essentially driving a VW bug while sitting in the back seat, on 1969 torsion bars, I needed to increase the rear tire clearance a bit.  I also am running new radial ply tires which I doubt were standard in 1969.  And lastly, I only run about 20# pressure in the rear so these tires absorb a lot more of the bounce than old stiff-walled bias belted tires.  My wife, who used to put on her sports bra when we went for a ride in my 1948 Willys CJ2A, says that the TDr ride is great – very comfortable.  I agree.  

Regarding the front end:  you will have a lot more adjustability than I have.  I simply went with the advice that I received on this site and removed all the small leaves from both beams.  Maybe I got lucky when the front end came down just slightly more than 2″.  The ride was dramatically improved.  I am running new radial tires on front at 16-18″ and am very happy.  Now, I am moving the battery from under the seat all the way to the front which will put a bit more weight forward and remove it from the rear.  My spare is up front.  
Hopefully will complete this weight redistribution this week.  It’s got to warm up a bit first.