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edward ericson


I’ve got a set of shims on my car and my ride height is close to stock. Maybe an inch low all around. The rap on these is that they do no harm, particularly on cars, such as ours, with extra-light noses. The “harm” suffered with too much positive caster is harder steering action in parking lots and such.

The benefit is a more stable line at highway speed–basically what Bob and Bill say their cars lack. Remember the Bug was developed when a fast car might be able to do the ton, and 80 mph on the highway was fast. The stock Bug couldn’t do 80 unless down a hill. Tracking straight at high speed over long distances was not a concern.
Today, 80 is everyone’s normal commute. Combine the light nose and you get, imho, a slam-dunk case for spending the $8 and the hour it takes to put shims in. Supposedly each shim leans the angle back by 3 degrees. Some Speedster guys–short wheel base, high horsepower, low stance–use two sets of shims to get comfortable. 
If you don’t like them, it’s easily reversible. But I’ve not heard of anyone removing them, once installed.

edsnova2015-05-08 07:18:14