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Will Burge


 If you have time and a welder, I purchased the adjusters only (2) one for each beam from BOW WOW in Lynnwood washington. They were about $50 total A friend and I disassembled the beam per the instructions in this post and some others I found on line. Cut out a piece of each beam the width of the adjuster + one eighth inch and welded it back together. It was not that hard if you weld and we had it back together the same day. My problem was not only the ride but the front end started 4.5 inches above the tire and I was able to dial that way down it now not only rides better but it looks better too. I have airshocks on the back and still had clearence issues but lowering the front gave it a teeter-tawter effect and gave me the needed rear clearence as well. I also removed 4 of the narrow leafs. I know that time is money, but it saved me, I figure around $225 as an adjustable beam here in Washington was around $275. It was also an adventure I can add to the reconstruction portfollio.
PS. If you decide to try this, the screw they mention lining up with the old one is the grub screw not the adjuster screw, I made that mistake and had to redo it, but both trys were completed in a day and she was back on the road that evening.