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I am very grateful that I have found your group. The info on the suspension is very helpful.

I have a kit sourced from the now closed Rich Industries. The company went under 1990 or so, and +- 2 dozen half finished cars found there way to an Airconditioning company in Port Elizabeth South Africa. My farther purchased a body only in 1996 and I inherited the project in 2000. The body is for a front mounted engine and custom made chassis. The cars were rear wheel drive. I decided to use the beetle chassis instead. No firewall. The front fibreglass section under the fueltank, etc etc, is missing. Without a building manual I attempted to put it together. To say that I battled is an understatement.

I have solved most problems but the manual is going to help. A lot! Engine is 1400cc nissan carb fed motor. It stands proud from the body work, but I will get to that soon.

The Front “engine” lid I have is still untrimmed or raw. Is there a procedure to trim it to fit 100%. No hinges fitted etc. I am a bit nervous to attempt it before speaking to someone. I got to page 28 /29 of the manual and there it was… My lid doesn’t have a “lip”. for some reason it was trimmed off by the Rich Ind. Maybe the mounting is different when an engine lives underneath? Now What?

If I fit Aluminium angle through the hinges, or fibreglass it in along the lenght?

Thanks again

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