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Yeah, but!!!   

Tail of the Dragon, and Hawks Nest NY are both on my bucket list and I was not planning on taking my Rolls.  I’ve driven Hawks Nest many times in many of my sports cars and it’s an almost spiritual experience for me.  That and the 2 hour/60 mile “loop” around the Pepacton Reservoir, Downsville and Margaretville NY,  formed by NY 30/NYC #1/NYC#6.  This one is my own truly beautiful great great road with nothing but mountainous twisties and practically no traffic.   (I grew up not far from Hawks and the “loop”.)   NY really should plan a big sports car race around “Roy’s Loop” every year or so. Closing it and making it into a one-way counterclockwise loop would inconvenience maybe 6 commuters for a day.  😉
That and I was planning on/hoping to run the autocross at Carlisle this year. 

I had some hesitation because of my home-mounted wire wheels but, had not considered pan flex.  

Royal2013-03-05 02:49:46