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Roy, I think you’re correct in general,  but I’m trying to get my head around the issue of the 150-180 lbs of preload applied to the bottom torsion tube.  The upper torsion bar is now carrying the majority of load on the front suspension, in its normal operation.  

But, a  shorter shock would also serve as a limit on the extension of the suspension, similar to the old days when people would install limiting straps (in addition to sway bars) on rear solid axle suspensions. (My ’62 Vette with it’s 327ci-340HP and optional performance suspension package came with both axle straps and front/rear sway bars from the factory).

A shorter shock would limit overall suspension travel, but most of the available travel now is down and not up, with the front lowered, which isn’t necessarily a good thing… A shorter shock would then also limit the extension of the inside wheel on a sharp turn, similar to how a sway bar works, reducing plowing.  That is, if I’m correctly visualizing how this suspension works, now lowered…

KentT2013-05-30 17:37:48

Early FF TDr on 69 VW pan
Slowly coming back from the ashes...