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Mark Hendrickson


Mike, you hit the nail right on the head. Although it is possible to cut and turn both of your stock beams after you remove leaves, it is WAY EASIER to switch to an adjustable beam. Plus you’d have only one shot at the “turn and weld” method.

I used the adjustable beam on “Angelica” when I built it as the first “Pink MG”. By using the adjustable beam, you can play with spring (leaf) rates to really dial in the ride and handling and you’ll always be able to adjust the ride height exactly where you want it.

Don’t go nuts with a sway bar either. That little stock VW one works just fine. Also, use the cheapest J.C.Whitney non-gas fron shocks too.

Then get rid of that 75 lbs. of weight, it only hurts performance and gas mileage. When you get the spring rate right, you won’t need it.

Believe me, people that have done this with their VW based kits won’t get out of their cars!!!