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Ed Ellingson


I wish I had seen this post when I was modifying my VW (69 VW bug, Daytona Migi TD replica), except that it was about 33 years ago.  The lowering instruction were so that it “looked” right, with apparently no consideration for the ride.  I added some concrete in the front for weight, and cut and rotated both tubes, rather than just one.

I don’t really consider the ride or handling too terrible, it’s just that I know it could be better, and I would rather have not put in any additional weight.

I am left with a camber adjustment issue.  After I lowered the front I took it in for alignment.  They said they moved the adjusters to the full max position, but it still has too much camber.  People notice it when they’re standing in front, but not from the side, of course.  The tires wear too much on the outside.

Does anyone know a solution for this?  It seems that just a different set of adjusters could take care of this.  Is there any problem when you by an adjustable front end, or can you adjust it for zero camber?