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Dale Schumacher



I bought some wire wheels off a Ebay seller site and now have them fitted to the car. I think they look nice, but it does make the car look a little more like a hotrod. This is because the off set is not quite right ( the wheels and tires are 7″ wide vs. the std 5″ ). I was told the bolt pattern would work on my 130mm x 4 car, but that was not true and they would not pay for the machine work required to make them work ( ended up being about 50.00 ).

I did a lot of work trying to find the proper wheels and except for very high dollar wheels they were all 15 x 7 size and had to be adjusted to work.

My advise is to look for some nice 15 x 5’s on ebay and have a local machine shop custom adapt the wheels to work. If you like the hotrod look you can buy new all day long ( about 230.00 for 4 wheels plus shipping plus the machine work ). Type in wire wheels on ebay.

Hope this helps, Dale