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Bob K


For those of you who might be interested, the shop bolted a small clutch pedal about 6 inches in front and to the side of the the existing clutch.  They bolted this pedal to the floor and connected it to the existing clutch with a rod.  This rod is easily removed and the new pedal can fold down flat on the floor and be covered by the mat.  This is great for me because I’m tall and can still use the old clutch pedal.    With a quick connect the short pedal is in use and my wife can now drive.  It works for both of us.   The accelerator and break pedals were fine for her.  But that clutch needed her full leg extenson and then some…..Now my next project …. the interior.  It has an orangy rug colored floor and this really has to go .   Happy trails to one and all.  Big