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On all VW TD kits the pedals have been relocated.  One methoid is to connect the existing pedal cluster to new pedals with steel flatstock bars which pass through the floorboard behind the new pedals and connect to the old pedals which are under the gas tank.  The other common method was to remove the existing pedal cluster from the donor car, cut a new hole in the side of the tunnel and re-install the pedal cluster in the original manner to the side of the tunnel by shortening the cables inside the tunnel to match the new location.

Both methods could certainly be re-done to a different location.  If your car was done by the first method, it is fairly simple to cut some longer bars and move your pedals further back. I’d get help from someone “mechanical” if you are confronted with the second method…actually moving the pedal cluster on the tunnel requires some skill and familiarity with the unusual manner in which VW clutch assemblys work at the pedal end. Good luck…hope your wife enjoys the car!

No, old friends, MY car still isn’t finished!  I got side tracked into a very involved artistic project (an outgrowth of all the fiberglass work on the car) and in the middle of that lost our very closest  family friend to fighting in Iraq which set us all back quite a bit. Haven’t given up on Merlin, just put him away for awhile.

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