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Wendy Wagner


Thanks Paul,

Pete at Classic Roadster said he did have a walnut and oak dash for the 1980 Duchess.  He is looking to see if he has any unfinished ones.  Actually, the person restoring my car for me said he’d rather find someone to do as you are saying so we can put bigger guages in and put in different places.  How did you find a wood working person to do this??

Let me ask you something else.  I have only driven the car one time at night.  Oddly, the plastic covers on the directional signal lights on top of the fenders bubbled up from melting.  Have you ever heard of this?  I don’t know if the previous owner put the wrong bulbs in that were too strong or could wiring cause that.  I don’t believe they were like that when I bought the car.  Very strange!