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Replacement Parts:


Several of the items used in the kits are actual MG parts, i.e. door handles, badge bars, turn signals.  In some cases, you can shop Moss Motors ( or search Ebay for MGTD parts. For most other items, you are limited to two companies, MG Magic in FL ( no website see info below) or Prototype Research in Canada ( Prototype being very expensive, I highly recommend MG Magic but I?ll warn you now, doing business with them can be sort of strange. Don?t get me wrong, they offer good products and are reasonable with cost (not that there is much comparison) but you have to call them, leave a message and eventually (usually two maybe three days) someone will call you back. Once you get them on the phone (usually a guy named Bob) he will be a little gruff and ask you a bunch of questions about your car, this is so they know for sure what Make you have (Fiberfab, Daytona ect). They want to make sure they send you the correct parts but the come across as a little strange to some. Once they establish your car Make, they will take your order and do well to make sure you are happy.  I suggest you call them and let them know you just got your car and will be looking for parts, get them to enter you in their database so they have your car info and shipping info already in the computer so you don?t have to do the 20 questions when you order. Ask them to send you out a parts list. They usually send one by mail, sometimes Email, along with some other info. The list gives you the current price and item they have and it is a good way to get your shopping list in order by priority.

Here?s the contact info for MG Magic

MG Magic INC.

5722 South Flamingo Rd.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33330

Phone:  954-680-2010

Fax:  954-680-0122


Tops, Tonneau and Upholstery


            For your top, seats and carpeting, I highly suggest finding a GOOD local upholstery shop. (shop around and check their work) The finial results are far better than the precut stuff that often don?t fit well. If your budget in big enough, you can get fancy and have your seats covered in a good leather or custom vinyl and make the car your own. Tops, Tonneau Cover and boot are all best when fabricated for the individual car. In some cases, a custom made top in less expensive than replacement one depending on the shop making it and you will be much happier with the finial product if you use a reputable shop.





P.S.  is that your VW bone yard in the background?