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Mark Hendrickson


If you are planning on building a car that is nose heavy, won’t handle, won’t steer and requires a lot of frame mods…install a V8, then go to the drags with it. The Ford V8 is the smaller dimensions between it and a small block Chevy. Way too much torque for what CMC built though.

I started to build, but later sold as a rolling chassis, a Pinto based CMC TD to a California man. He wanted the Pinto drivetrain, so that’s how he got it.

I started to build the car with a slighty tweaked 3.8L Buick V6, TH200R4, 8″ Ford 3.55 posi, tubular front “A” arms and a coil over torque arm set up for the rear. Brakes were 11″ rotors from a Granda up front and 11″ Lincoln Versailles in the rear. It used GM “G” body calipers all around. The weight and weight dsitribution would have made this car handle, stop and drive well. It was also a much easier fit. It would have run circles around a V8 powered car and got 30+ mpg. Adding a Buick turbo charger (a la Grand National) would have made the car insane to drive.

My Buick 3.8L is now in an SCCA road racer that weighs more than the MG kit did and it goes almost 145 mph.

The tubular front suspension, trans and rear are now all in my 1940 Ford Sedan with a 300+ hp 4.3L V6 Chevy as power.

I live 8 miles from Howel in Oceanport (Monmouth Park Race Track). Where are you in Howell? Do you go to the Chic-fil-A cruise nights?