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Paul Mossberg


You can definitely work with the one in the ebay link you posted. Be aware as you decide whether or not to buy it, you still need the grill slats. They are a separate piece and are available either chromed or paintable zinc plated from Moss Motors. Unfortunately, the shell is not available.

Most of us have the grill cjhromed. But that is actually not accurate. Only very late MGTD Mark II’s had chrome grill slats. Generally, the grill slats were painted the interior color. But, for red and green cars with tan interiors, the grill slats would have been painted to match the body.

I did a quick google for mg td grill. I found one, from a place in California, witha slightly damaged TD shell for sale for $500. Link is

These guys claim have the grill slats also in paintable zinc plated shells for $95 and chrome for $104.–RADI ATOR-SHELL–PAINTABLE–ZINC-PLATED–/10830/454-170.html

I’ve not dealt with either of the above. I have dealt with Moss Motors.

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