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Rich Bellefeuille


Hi BigRaceDad,

You know, I follow the ads in EBay for Replicas and I had been looking at this one. Don’t know what it went for, but in terms of fun per dollar the price that I saw with a few days to go looked very good.

Once you get passed the grill, other parts should be more readily available. Being a VW guy, I’m sure engines are no mystery even if you have to build or rebuild. Body looks to be all there and in reasonably good shape. And you’re knee deep in “Duchess” gurus in this club. Whoever said “free information is worth every penny” didn’t know about us.

And…the fact that your WIFE is is enthusiastic means you can put in the hours and she won’t complain. What a deal!

Please keep the photos coming as you make progress!

Good Luck!