Parts hunt

Paul Mossberg



Any chrome gas cap will fit the filler pipe provided by Classic Roadsters. Classic Roadsters provided a “flying lady” ornament for the gas cap. I thought it looked silly and left it off.

I know of a couple sources for the fender mirrors. These are reproductions of original MG TD mirrors. Moss Motors has them if you want to pay top dollar. I bought mine from JC Whitney (albeit 22 years ago). I guess that’s actually a good thing as they still look new. I recommend you put convex mirrors on both fenders. The flat mirror is essentially useless way out there on the fender tops. The convex glass helps a lot.

I picked up my rear view mirror at the Carlisle show one year. I am using the dash mount mirror style used in Cobras. It has a much better adjustment range the the MG TD original type. Moss has the TD style mirror. I think they mght also have the Cobra style.

I do not know where you can get the wind wing mounts that Classic Roadsters uses. But I would start in a boat supply store or web site. I can take a couple close up pictures of mine and either post them in our gallery or email them to you. And I know, I know, if we are ever able to get together so you can see my car, you can just look at them!

Not sure what tailghts you have. I have early style VW lights (small, oval, all red).


Paul Mossberg
Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
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