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Mark Hendrickson


This carb is a Holley-Weber progressive 2 barrel. It is the same basic carb that was used on many different applications.

Your 1980 is a “feedback” design and has other emissions related ports and parts hooked to it. It is also coolant heated.

Here’s how you can get one that has absolutely NO EMISSION provisions. You will have to re-route the coolant hoses because this direct bolt-on carb has an electric choke. You may also have to fabricate a linkage set up.

What you get is the Volkswagen (air cooled) progressive 2 barrel conversion kit. It’s the same carb, minus all the emissions and coolant heated part. Because the carb is jetted for the smaller engine, you will have to increase jet size for your 2.3L.

You can probably fine one of these conversion kits used. You don’t need the VW intake, but that’s the “cheap” part of these kits.

I bought one of these for my Chevette based BCW TD. It’ll get installed when I put the car back together if I don’t use the 1 barrel set up I got from Rick Drake. I should be close with the jetting, the Chevette is a 1.6L. It even has a nice rectangle “open” air cleaner and a K&N element.

You will probably get the same performance from your present carb, but the swap looks a lot better in the engine bay.