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Mark Hendrickson


As you can see in the Photo Gallery, several of us have red MGTD’s. I’m not sure if all were painted or not. I know that my car, Pink MG, is painted red, not gel coat. It is darn near the color of a 1970 Corvette I built in 1984. I painted it a Porsche color called Guardsman Red. Ditzler sold that same color and called it Indian Red and that is what I used. The car was fiebrglass and I used lacquer and hand wet sanded between coats. Back then, you did not use clearcoat over a soild color, only on metallics. I don’t know if that is true today. I used 25 coats and the car took 2 months to paint. I won a ton of trophies for that paint job though. I sold it in 1988 and that guy still owns the car today.

I have not painted anything since then and the industry has improved greatly since then too. However, if you want a red that really stands out, Guards Red is the color.