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Rich Bellefeuille



Funny prologue to my refurb efforts. As I mentioned in my last post in February, I have been tweaking, replacing, repairing all through the winter and occasionally driving the car up and down the hill, never going to the top of the hill because the car is not registered.

About half way up the hill on the left is a house with two little girls around 5 years old, always smiling and waving at me.

Last week their mother called my mom and said the girls had come in all excited and concerned. They said “Mommy, that man keeps trying and trying over and over again, but his car just can’t make it all the way up the hill!”

It always amazes me how different the world looks through the eyes of children.

I also changed the title of this to Rich’s Ride,¬†since I am no longer a NEW MEMBER.