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Rich Bellefeuille



This doesn’t qualify for the “first ride” string, but I has so much fun that I just had to yap about it.

My car is still not registered, but today I borrowed my brother’s repair plate so I could do a complete test drive.

Today in MA it is Sunny and ~ 70 degrees

I drove the car through all of my favorite back roads. Even let my wife drive it! I’d say I put about 50+ miles on. Lots of honks, thumb’s up and smiles as I drove it. The car runs AWESOME! The steering since the rag joint fix is perfect. Smooth, quiet and just plain fun.

I just (reluctantly) put ‘er back in storage and returned the plate. Man….warm air, sunshine, top down, radio blasting. Spring is here!!!

The next big thrill will be doing the same type of trip just after dark on a warm summer night. More fun to come!