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Rich Bellefeuille



I guess this could’ve been in added to the “first ride of the season” forum as well. We had a little late winter thaw this weekend and I took the opportunity to get the little red machine out of hibernation. Replace the cranky starter, finally and took her for a few short rides. She’s running like crap, but I think that’s pretty typical of winter doldrums and storage conditions. Sputtering sure felt “electrical” as it seems to go from 4 to 5 to 6 to 5 cylinders firing. I’m sure it’s not big deal. Sure was nice to get back behind the wheel. Still a little brisk, and I definitely saw my shadow, so at least 6 more weeks. Like to hear about any other first rides of the new season, especially from us “northerners”

All the best for the 2010 season!!