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Keith True


Hamish,open the hood and look on the passengers side firewall.There may be an emblem embossed there.If there is there will be a # molded in below it.Call MG Magic and tell them the # if you find it.If not,he can tell you what to look for to ID the car.If you do find the # he can tell you who bought the kit and on what date.His tops were $595.including the side curtains.I tried boat shops,trimmers,restoration shops,Nobody here would touch it for that.The quality is very good,Topsonline does not come anywhere near it.I have seen Topsonline products.They are for getting a used car out the door.I put one on a 95 Chrysler convert for a customer.He lost any savings he might have realized by the time we took it to a trimmer to get it to fit.