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Mark Hendrickson


The gauges I removed were from Classic Gauges and are still available new. I am re-engineering a few of BCW’s bad ideas (like the welded in transmission “crossmember”, but I’ll be reusing all the BCW stuff that is apart.

As far as suspension performance goes, there are several places that can be of interest. The Chevette and Pontiac T-1000 share front suspension with all but the 1988 Fiero. There is an aftermarket Fiero supplier that makes all types of trick stuff like tubular “A” arms and such:

For engine performance, old Chevettes are raced on asphalt and dirt oval race tracks throughout the Tennesee, Kentucky, Southern Ohio area. There is a shop that deals specifically with Chevette 1.8L engines called Fields Performance.

In particular, there is a cam grinder that has several different grinds for the 1.6L Chevette too.

For used and N.O.S. Chevette parts, there is a fellow in Everett, Washington, Rick Drake, in my opinion a world class Chevette Guru. He can be reached at 800-247-2954. Don’t hesitate to call him. He’ll have ANYTHING Chevette that you’ll need.

Did you know that the Chevette drivetrain (gasoline) is from an Opel Kadett? The Chevette was the first ALL metric car produced in the US.

Early Chevettes were 1.4L and had 1 bbl Rochester carbs. The earlier heads (76-77?) flow better. The 1.6L had the Holley/Weber progessive 2 bbl carb. I used one of these from an air-cooled VW progressive 2 bbl conversion kit on my Chevette motor…there is absolutely no smog provisions on this carb and it’s easier to work with than the “smog” versions. Also, there are many jet and other type kits available for these carbs.

There were two different 3 speed automatics, 2 different 4 speed manual and a 5 speed trans (based on a Borg Warner T5) offered in Chevettes over the car’s production run. They also had two different rear end ratios, 3.73 and 4.10 I believe.

GM had toyed with the idea of equiping the Chevette/t-1000 with the 5 speed stick and 2.8L V6 that came in the S-10 and Camaro. It was a teeny “pushrod” OHV 60 degree V6. They made one prototype, but the car was killed due it’s poor sales and long reputation as a slug.

I’ve had a month long break on my MGTD project. I should be getting started again soon.