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Mark Hendrickson


Hey Bill, I got side tracked with domestic stuff and the upcomng Raceway Park (Englishtown) Spring Swap Meet. Needless to say, I’ve got tons of stuff to bring.

I’ll post a pic of what I had to do to get the engine/trans out. I yanked the rest of the carpet glued the tunnel, drilled out the rivets, sliced the bonding and it came out. Then the engine/trans came out. I’ll be removing that transmission “crossmember” plate and welding ears on it. Then I’ll drill the ears and the part left on the frame for holes to bolt the thing in.

The speedo drive gear (worm) gear on the trans tail shaft was “floating” on the shaft. The little clip that holds it had disintegrated. So, even if I had gotten the speedo cable head in with the gear on the end, there was nothing to drive it.

I just bought an NOS GM remanufactured 70mm four speed from a guy in California for $135 (includes S&H). It was on eBay and no one bid on it, so I contacted him and did a private sale.

The Chevette guy in Everett, WA, RD Automotive, is sending me a bunch of stuff I need to get the old trans back together and few other goodies I need. Much of it is NOS too.

You can see in the picture why the tunnel had to come out. I’ll be reassembling it “user friendly” for sure.