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Mark Hendrickson


Hi Brian…the company was Classic Gauges if I remember correctly. The have an extensive website.

Not being one for strict convention, I replaced and am replacing all the gauges with Autometer Ultra-lite. I used an electronic-programmable speedo and matching sized Tach with mechanical oil pressure and water temperature gauges (2.0625″), also a voltmeter and gas gauge of the same diameter. I had only to drill 2 new holes for guages and relocate the Chevette headlight switch. I lost the cigar lighter, but who cares!

I know it sounds weird, but the stupid speedo is how this job got started in the first place.

Luckily I found a Chevette and Chevette parts collector in Everett, WA on the Chevette Forum. He is supplying me with all the parts I need to get this sucker rolling!

My grille shell, bumpers, bumper over riders and “radiator” cap are all at the plater being re-chromed.