Street Price for MGTD Replica? VW Frame.

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Mark Hendrickson


The year of the VW frame can be adequately determined by looking at the # of lug nuts on the wheels WITHOUT WHEEL ADAPTERS). If it has a “wide 5” bolt pattern (5 lugs) it’s 1967 or older. If it’s a “normal” looking 4 lug, it’s a 1968 or up.

The earlier cars (wide 5) had swing axle rear suspension and king-pin front ends. Only the 1967 was 12 volts too. I would not advise one of these cars.

The later, ’68-up (4 lug) had Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) and ball joint front ends. They were all 12 volt cars.

As far as AC goes…the VW engine has enough trouble driving the car! Why in the world would you want AC in a car with virtually no insulation, snap in plastic side curtains and a soft top.

As far as a daily driver, if you are a semi-knowlegable wrench, then it would be feasable. These are kit cars…replicas made to look like something they are not. They are not well engineered, mass produced daily drivers. If that is what you want, buy a Miata, BMW Z3, Saturn Skye, Pontaic Solstice, etc. These are daily drivers with all the ammentites of todays cars.

This is the best MGTD replica forum.

I know of no new parts suppliers as these kits are no longer in production. MG Magic has stock piled NOS and used parts from mostly CMC kits. Their contact info is on this site.

There is a MG-TF variant available from New Zealand that is Miata based. They are well built, but you must provide the Miata donor and finish the car. They are also over $20,000 to get delivered in the US, not counting you still have to find a donor, strip it and install the stuff in the car. They’re delivered as a “pallet car”.

As far as prices go, it’s as previously mentioned and YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT!!! Bring an air-cooled VW expert to look at the mechanicals. Find a local kit car expert to look at the coach, bright and body work.

There were many MG-TD kit makes until the mid-late 80’s. Most were VW based (rear engine). Some were Ford (Pinto/Mustang II/Bobcat) based and some were GM based (Chevette/Pontiac T-1000) and were front engine/rear wheel drive.

My opinion as far as the best made kits to look for:

1) British Coach Works (VW and GM), by far the best quality hand laid fiberglass and most accurate body parts. The molds were made from real MG-TD panels. They also use real MG-TD hardware (Moss Motors and other aftermarket repro suppliers).

2) Classic Roadsters Ltd (VW based). Very good quality kit. Paul Mossberg is the expert on these. I had one of their Ford based (Pinto/Mustang II) Baron kits and it was well made and high quality.

3) Classic Motor Carriages or CMC (VW, Ford). CMC used to be FiberFab. Probably the most prolific kit, but not the highest quality in my opinion.

4) There are others, like the London Roadster, Daytona MIGI, all similar to the CMC kits in construction and quality. 

Some kits were hand laid, thick fiberglass and some were “chopper-gun” thin fiberglass.

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