Street Price for MGTD Replica? VW Frame.

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Keith True


I don”t think there is any figure as to what these bring.I see prices all over the place.I bought a driver that needed a repaint and a top for $2500.I have seen asking prices of $7-$9000.  I have no idea if any of them sold.I bought a runner for $700,put another $ it,but I will never get the money back for the time I put in it.You can drive them just like any other old Volkswagen.Dependable,easy to fix,and fun.They are comfortable at 50-55 MPH.You can hop them up and change the handling to suit you.I don”t believe any of the makers of these cars are in business any more.I never heard of a Moss,but that means nothing.I know the FiberFabs pretty good,(I have 3)and I have seen CMC,Classic Motor Carriage,London Roadster,and Lafer.There may be more and some of these may be the same.Open the hood and look at the firewall on the passenger side.If it is a FiberFab there will be an FF embossed into the gelcoat.I don”t know of any problems in particular with these cars.You just have to remember they are 35-40 year old Volkswagens under that glass body.You will HAVE to work on it and maintain it,it will not be your forget about it until the next time you want to use it car.Point settings and valve adjustments will be part of regular services.There are compact air conditioners made now that can be used in your car,but you have to be a little bit of a fabricator to make them fit.They will also cost as much as the car.