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Mark Hendrickson


Now you have enough weight on the front end to make the car steer

When the front end is too stiff, you get understeer (Push) and with the front end too soft you get oversteer (Loose).

Neat thing is that you can replace one or some of the secondary torsion leaves as required to stiffen it back up, but you probably only need the toe set properly. Also, more caster will cure the “darting” if the toe setting doesn’t. More caster makes it more stable at higher speeds too.

I was lucky and had access to a set of scales that each of the four tires sat on. They told you the weight on each wheel. From these numbers, you find out where you stand as far as weight distribution.

On our stock cars we had “jack” bolts on the springs to change weight bias. My Mustang road racer has jack bolts on the rear springs.

Steve Smith used to have a good book on basic suspension set up. I’m not sure if it’s still available or not.