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Paul Mossberg


It’s definitely not an original TD. The wipers are one give-away. The curve to the top of the rear fenders is kit, not original. There are latches on the “hood”, on an original would have a piano hinge there.

Original TD’s have steel wheels, painted silver. Eastwood carries the paint in spray cans. It’s right here: ODUCT 

The Eastwood description says this is for wire wheels. But trust me, it is the same color for steel wheels.

The TD wheels are 15″, just like VW Type 1. The TD wheels have round holes, VW’s are oval. But they are close. Original TD hubcaps will not fit the VW wheel. I tried. You can weld stubs for the caps to clip over, but they still won’t look right. YOu can come close with Chrome VW hubcaps with repro TD centers. I’ve done this to my TD (see pics in the gallery, PMOSSBERG folder).


Paul Mossberg
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