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Mark Hendrickson


Kumho makes a 165x80R15 that would be the right tire for your VW based TD Replica. A larger/wider tire will not get as good traction (less lbs. per sq. in.) on the contact patch.

Tire Rack has these backordered, as previously mentioned, for $32 each.

I’m sure Coker Tire has some expensive tires you could use that are the same size (165x80R15). I know a guy from the New Jersey Replicar Club that has a set of “real” wide whitewalls on his TD. Looks neat! Coker ( lists several “165R15” one of which is a Futura that Pep Boys sells.

If you have stock VW rims, the 195 is probably too wide for the rim. The 165R15’s or 165x80R15’s will be much lighter and give you better handling and performance, not to mention better mileage.