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Mark Hendrickson


Not an easy conversion from Super Beetle to regular Beetle front end. CMC/FiberFab had crude adapter that welded on the front of a squared and cut Super Beetle front spine. My first Pink MG had one.

Do you have this Super Beetle to beam adpater?

If you do not have the beam, for what it’s worth: To convert to a VW beam on a Super Beetle pan, you’d be better off investing in a Mustang II (M-II) style front suspension. It’s the same amount of work and the front end is 100 times better than a VW beam.

I did this with a 1972 Super Beetle I had in the late 70’s. Many Hot Rod vendors have kits from basic to complete. I cut mine from a 1974 Pinto I needed a crossmember to graft into the Super Beetle’s “spine”. Pinto , Bobcat, Mustang II are all the same front ends.

Speedway Motors, Heidt’s, etc area few M-II front end vendors. I’d try Speedway Motors first. They sell a universal crossmember, upper control arm mounts and all the stock M-II parts.