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VW Type IV Conversion Installation

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Mark Hendrickson


Most people don’t even know what a VW 411/412 is. I have not seen one, even at VW shows, in decades.

Moorestown, NJ is where the Navy Sea Systems Warfare sight is. It’s about 50 miles southwest of where I live and is considered South Jersey, being fairly close to Philadelphia. I live right next to the Atlantic Ocean near Sandy Hook in town called Oceanport on the Shrewsbury River. I work at Fort Monmouth.

I used to follow football closely and was always a Packer fan. Vince Lombardi is from the town north of me and is buried there. I was a Jet fan in the Joe Willie Namath days. I hope ole Bret has a good time with the Jets and they win a few games.

In this area there are 3 pro teams you could follow in the major sports and 4 hockey teams. Jets, Giants, Eagles/Yankees, Mets, Phillies/Nets, Knicks, 76ers/Islanders, Devils, Rangers, Flyers…too many for me.