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James Cochran


I believe the fees for the hosting of this wonderful site will be due December 1st. That is really soon. If I understand correctly FrankieD has been bearing the weight of this. We need to be sure that all the expenses are well covered by us and not by Frank.

I, for one, will be sending a check to the address listed on the left side of the screen. I greatly benefit from this site and the fellowship and I need to do my part to keep this site going. I invite everyone to kick in and get some funds into Frank so this site remains alive. Whatever you can do, every bit helps, no matter how big or small, it all helps. 

December 1 will be here before you know it and we’ll all be thinking of holiday expenses, so let’s get a jump on things and donate now, before the holiday expenses take control of our pockets.

Hosting this site is not free, and the site fees need to be ready when they are due. So spread the word and help.

Frank, my check is going in the mail tomorrow morning. Thank you for all you do and for this wonderful site.