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James Cochran


How we doing Frankie? I just want to bring this topic up in the active catagory since the time to renew is getting closer.

It only takes a minute to click a few buttons and help keep this site running. For the price of just one fast food lunch, you can help. We all need to be on the slimmer side to get in our TD’s, so instead of that burger, send the bucks to Frankie and be slimmer in the process, a win / win

Every dollar helps, and the best thing is, you don’t even have to be a member of the group. This site offers a great source of information and entertainment, not counting downloadable manuals and photos. The source of information is priceless, but hosting the site does have a price.

Together we can do it, so please donate, we sure don’t want any ads and pop-ups to finance this site, what a pain those things are.

Thanks everyone!