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Larry Murphy wrote:
 Oops,I made my check out to and mailed it one hour before Franks post. If it cannot be used, let me know or send it back and I will send a new one.  Larry


  Thanks Larry,  I can SHRED the check that’s on it’s way, will even photo graph it being done if you like or I can just write, “Return to Sender” (hmm now I’ll have Elvis song in my head all the rest of the day) and send it back to you.

 Thanks to everyone who has donated. If the donation exceed this years Web Hosting fee of $125 due in Dec, any remaining amount will be applied to the purchase fund for getting shirts done. Hats will will come next if there is still an interest. 

 And don’t forget to buy you grill badge!!!!!!!


  Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!