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Mark Hendrickson


Now I know how to use the scroll bar!!!

Hey Frank,

There used to be a R/C Car Hobby Shop in Belleville, IL that a guy named Jim Smith and his wife Robin ran out of their garage. It was called Corner Hobby. It was off of east Main St, on the east side of Illinois St. 

We raced at the Eagles Lodge facility in Shiloh, IL…indoor on carpet in the cold weather and on a very large asphalt tri-oval in the warm weather. 

I was doing temporary duty in St. Louis for 18 months from April 1994 thru October 1995. I lived in Richmond Heights, MO Residence Inn and worked part time at Corner Hobby. I UPS’d my R/C stuff out to the Residence Inn. Jim and Robin were very nice people. I wonder what happened to their business as it is no longer listed in the phone book?