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Paul Mossberg



The JC Whitney and Automotive enhancements look like the same cap. So whichever gives you the best price makes sense.

If you can only get them in a set of four, you could put a vinyl tire cover over the spare (matched to the top or interior).

I have have set of five, but they are used. No curb rash, but would need to be cleaned up, with some minor rust (very minor) removal. One nice thing about them is that they bolt on and lock.

I’ve gone to a copy of the original MG style hub caps and no need the wires.

Let’s chat out of the forums if you are interested. (pmossberg@iso.com)

Or…you can always break the bank and go for a real set of Dayton wires. I believe they still make them for the four-bolt VW rim. Probably run over $2,000 for a set of four. Last time I looked, they were 52 spoke wheels, which is the correct spoke count for the original, optional MG wire wheels.

My last thought, original TD’s came with stamped steel wheels and a small “dog-dish” chrome hubcap. Wire wheels were optional equipment. They were painted gray, not chrome. The correct color is available from Eastwood, Moss Motors (and probably other vendors).


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