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    Has anyone folded the windscreen on a Daytona MiGi?  It appears that if I remove the upper bolts holding the windscreen to the bracket that it may pivot forward on the lower bolts and lay down.  If so, does anyone know of brackets that could be used on Daytona or other model TD’s with a similar bracket that would allow one to fold down the windscreen? 

    edward ericson


    Maybe worth a try, but I think it’s only going to pivot a little bit before it hits the cowl. The MG windscreen pivots on a bracket about two inches above the height of the hood.

    –note: the square aluminum plate there was the P.O.’s attempt at making a mirror bracket. I removed it.

    UPDATE: Looked at your bracket and I think it’ll work. Looks like you’ll have to loosten one of the brackets to get the screen to pivot, then tighten it up when it does. So it won’t be a quick-change activity. The only problem is there’s nothing to stop your windscreen hitting or bouncing on your hood when it’s folded down. If you could take care of that issue I think you’d be home free.

    Maybe affix a rubber-tipped doorstop to the top of the windscreen in the center. When you fold the screen down it will touch the hood chrome and keep the window flat.

    Or: see about getting some O.G. MG windscreen brackets. (These are N/A from Moss but still: That guy trying to get $400 for his is daft). Your windshield’s stud spacing might work with them, or it might be reconfigured to fit. Mine are about 7/8 of an inch apart.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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