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    Mark Konrad


    What is the correct Title for the replica’s if any?  Some I have seen are titled as vw, ford, mg td replica’s etc.  Mine is titled as a MGB 1981.  I have found several reference to a MG, model MGB 1949 car.

    What was the car that the MG TD replica was modeled off? Obviously I am new at this, but trying to get better informed, seeing I own one now.

    Mark K40790.5116319444

    Peter C. King


    Your car is a replica of a MG TD. It was preceded by the MG TC and followed by the MG TF, the MGA and the MGB. There were a number of models after that. Your car is a TD replica, not a B replica.

    There are several good books on the history of MG on Amazon. 

    Larry Murphy


     Mark, Check out the TD History in the aqua section to the left. There is a summary of the TD years as well as a short history on replicas as well.

     About your title, Many builders simply use the title to the donor car as their replica title. This works untill you get envolved in an accident and the investigating officer says ”This is not a VW or Chevette  or Ford ” or if you sell the car to someone in a different state and it then becomes necessary to have it inspected.Almost every state has different rules and the inspectors in different counties have their own interpertation of the same regulations.

     Some where on the forum ,there is a link that shows the requirements thar the various states follow.

    Mark Konrad


    Thanks for the info. on the history.   My question on the title is of some concern as I said the previous title listed the car from Arkansas  as a MGB Replica which it isn’t, but when I transfered the title from Arkansas to Flordia the state issued a new title only as a 1981 MGB.  I am thinking I’d better go to them and see what I need to do to correct it for future sale should I want to every sell it.  Probably open a can of worms if I go to the state.  Any Thoughts?

    Montie Henderson



    It sounds like a error was made back in Arkansas.  Possibaly even when the car was first titled.   I’d bet when the first agent made the title they saw the replica MG TD or MGT on the paperwork and then looked in the book for 1981 no TD showed up and they assumed it should be a “B” and made the correction/mistake.  I guessing though. 

    Each state is different, even though you can transfer from one to another they cannot correct a mistake made by someone else.  First I would go back to the same title office that did your title work in FL and have them correct the “Replica”.  Ask if they can give you a copy of the Arkansas title that you got with the car too.  Then I would call Arkansas Dept Of Transportation title division, see how they handle doing a title search and see if they can send you all that info.   Don’t get in a rush, if AK is anything like OH these people are very trying.  It may take more than one call so try to get the name of who you are speaking so you can save time later without explaining the whole situation again and again.   You might even need to send a copy of  all the paperwork you got with the car.   I’ve found it pays to be very calm and nice to these people, my grandfather once told me “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.   Generally, if your nice to them they will help you faster.   This might take a long time to get to the bottom of.   Good Luck

    If nothing else just enjoy driving it.

    Paul Mossberg


    The “correct” title is a question that has to be answered state-by-state.

    All states have a process and method for dealing with kit cars, handcrafted autos, home-builts, etc.

    Once accepted, the vehicle will be usually be titled as a “reconstructed vehicle” or some other specialty class.

    I believe some states allow the owner to title the vehicle as the year teh vehicle replicates. Typically though, if a TD replica owner has a 1952 MG TD title, they pulled one over on their state DMV. And let me be clear for the record, I’m not judging, I actually quite envious!

    SEMA SAN has a terrific resource with info on title/registration for hobbyist cars. Check it  out:

    http://www.semasan.com/main/main.aspx?id=62843#tag-title-too lbox-2011

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

    If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to https://tdreplica.com/forums/topic/mg-td-replica-registry/ and register (you need to copy and paste the link)



    Mark my title here in Arkansas lists my car as a “1985 Custom AV.” I think the AV stands for Antique Vehicle .There was no arguing with the DMV here about being built on a 74 beetle representing a 1952 MG TD. My insurance company describes it as “1985 MG 1952 MG Kit”. I think the insurance description comes closer. I think most state DMV offices which in my opinion are staffed by mostly incompetents are going to do as they please . On the plus side my state allows a car to be tagged as antique after 25 years for a one time fee of $7.00.

    edward ericson


    My recollection of FL DMV is that they care what the car weighs (for tax purposes) and little else. Since your kit is lighter than an ’81 MGB (let alone a TD), they might fight you over the $5 or $10 less a year you might be paying with a correct title.

    But probably not.

    I had a mis-titled boat trailer & let the registration lapse this year. When I took in all my crap a few months back, worried I’d maybe have to take the boat off the trailer to get the trailer reinspected, the nice lady behind the counter noted the mis-title and corrected that while giving me the new registration, no further action required. This is in Maryland. I’ve had nothing but good customer service here.

    If I were you I would do as described above–contact DMV, call, and also send a letter. Along with copies of any previous titles I would include a pretty good photo from the side of the actual car. Two reasons: 1. because it establishes that the vehicle is not an MGB, for those who know the difference, and 2. because it establishes that the car is cute as hell, so that those who know nothing will still want to help you.

    Here’s the low down for custom-built registration in FL.



    Ed when I was in the title process for my car I sent them a photo. They must have liked it too because they didnt send the photo back with the paper work. 

    Mark Konrad


    THanks guys for the info. & suggestions.   The DMV here was easy just turned in the Akansas title which needed to be transfered to Florida and got the new title on the spot without any problem plus an antique plate.  So I have it titled here in Florida, which list the model as a MGB and only issue realy is in the future should I sell the car and the new owner  wants it titled different i.e MGTD.

    I think I will just drive the car to the DMV office once I get it home form my mechanic, and simply expand the error in the model type for the cars discription and see if they will change the model type on the title from MGB to the either MGTD or just an MG. Probably should also take to picture of a MGB to show the difference between the to cars.

    I’ll let you know what I find out.  The DMV where I live has been very easy and nice to work with (“small town”) in the past.

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