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    I had previously posted about a minor accident I had with my MGTDR. I was driving down one of our local streets when the steering wheel no longer steered the front wheels and I wound up hitting a traffic signal pole. Luckily I was not traveling at speed and was not hurt, but if it had happened driving on the highway results would have been much worse. Inspecting the car afterword’s, I found the coupling disk between the steering gear box and the steering column had failed having become brittle with age. When I built the car I reused the assembly from the donor car which was a 1972, so the coupling was 47 years old.
    I have been cognizant about checking the rubber brake lines for deterioration but it never occurred to me to check this item. I would suggest this is something that can impact all of our MGTDR’s and should be checked to insure safe driving.
    Al Greig

    • Al
      I am glad you are OK – That could have been very bad- I saw your post on my phone a couple of days ago and it prompted me to check mine – thanks for that. I was just looking for your post to make a comment and see how you are doing but can’t find it anyplace as it seems to have disappeared for some reason. Let us know how you are doing.
        • Dale

          Doing well. Hagerty seems to have taken responsibility in tracking down parts, figured it was going to default to me.

            • Al
              Glad to hear – after checking mine I noticed I have the rubber donut but I bolted the steering drive directly instead of cross bolted so the donut does nothing. Seems to be working so leaving as is – all is lined up so no need for the flex I guess.
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