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    I have never joined a VW club, but my wife drives a beautiful ’69 Beetle, and I’ve been to my share of swap meets and spent a lot of time around VW’s and VW people.  Many of THEM seem to feel that many of US are not REAL VW people because we chose to “hide” our car’s “true identity” under a kit body.  If you express an interest in air-cooled p…[Read more]

  • Car names; I worked on my badly deteriorated (previously abandoned and left for dead) Fiberfab for well over a year before it was worthy of any name at all besides “that damned piece of —- out back” but eventually my wife said “you have to give that poor guy a name”. She has always named her cars, including a few VW’s to which she is quite…[Read more]

  • Here is an image of the scoop from beneath:

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