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    I did not see anything posted on how you guys were doing from the storm.

    Pray all is well…




    Roy was here yesterday. He came up to his brother in laws here in PA. He said he got a call and his house was OK.

    Jack, I was told, left New Bern and went to Wilmington. Frying pan to the fire. He never responded to my email.

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    Thanks for the concern guys.  Julie and I pulled into our debris filled yard a couple of hours ago.  All’s well.  No holes in roof.  No broken windows.  Pretty lucky.  Feeling good, but tired.

    I spoke with Jack who is trapped in Wilmington, NC.  He’s doing fine and will come home to New Bern as soon as all of the many obstacles (road debris, washed out bridges etc) have been removed.

    It’s sure good to be home.  Even with all the work I’m facing.




    Glad to hear you and Jack are well.  Charlene and I worried about y’all.


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    Thanks for checking in, guys.





    Hey Folks,

    I got back to New Bern yesterday afternoon — all is well, except for the two “portable garages” that are REAL portable now.

    BCW TDr Emma came out unscathed except for a rip in the car cover.  The Bugeye Merlin lost its car cover but the tonneau cover kept out most of the rain.  A drying in the sun and Merlin should be back in the pink….

    The white Ford powered TDr Manypenny rode out the storm in the garage…

    Other than the portable garages and one of my side gates coming off of the hinges, all is well.  QUITE a storm.  I don’t have to experience that level of “fun” again…..

    Thanks for your concern

    Happy Jack


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