MG TD Replicas

Also known as kit cars. Many times these cars are sold in parts to be assembled by the new owner. Generally supplied without the running chassis. An owner would secure a chassis and then mount the body and other components on top using the parts of the kit.

Magazines such as Kit Car sold and promoted replicas not only from MG TDs but other popular cars such as Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes and just about any classic style car.

British Coach Works – Model 52

British Coach Woks factory built a reproduction of the original 1952 MG TD in 1985. This car was built on a new 1985 Chevy Chevette undercarrige and the body is made of fiberglass (yellow in photo).

MP Lafer

Made in Brazil. Fiberglass body on a VW chassis. See for more information and pictures. At one time Gloria Estefan owned a red Lafer.

Classic Roadsters, LTD. – The Duchess

This one looks more like an MG TD in that it uses the correct bumpers, headlamps, door handles and side lamps. Note the MG TF like rear fenders that flow into the running boards. The cars are no longer being produced.

Piper Auto – The Seneca

This one was a bit different with a front engine V8. Modeled after the 1953 MG TD.

Fiberfab – MiGi

Probably the most popular of the fiberglass VW replicas.

Daytona – Migi

The original VW replica

Rich Industries – MG TD

Made in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Right or left hand driver steering. Front wheel drive Ford Cortina chassis.

Classic Motor Carriages – Classic TD

London Roadster

The London Roadster was conceived in Dearborn, Michigan, where it was manufactured. The Roadster was designed to fill a desire held by countless Americans for a time time, an American built open air sports car of distinction. London Roadsters were built on both VW and custom frames.