Our primary goal is the promotion of our hobby and the enjoyment of these great cars. We do not collect dues or have bunch of rules you need to follow. To become a member, we only have three simple requests:

  1. Help us foster an active, supportive, and family friendly environment. Always treat everyone with dignity and respect. We are not in competition for prizes or glory.

  2. Share, Help, and Support. If someone gives you useful advice or help, return the favor and help someone else. If not for the support and advice of others, many of these cars would never see the road. Where past kit car manufacturers lacked support and nearly destroyed the hobby, we fill in that gap and ensure others get to enjoy the full benefit of owning a fun little car.

  3. Have Fun. We’ve received story after story about heart break and disappointment when a project doesn’t seem to work out as planned. Remain vigilant in the idea that this all about having fun and not for profit.

Website hosting is a relatively inexpensive cost and all development and maintenance is done strictly on members’ own time with no compensation. Once in a while we ask for donations when our kitty runs dry, but there is no requirement to contribute.

How to Join

Because of the large number of spam registrations we no longer have an instant-registration feature. If you want to join and already know a member, they can send you an invitation. If you don’t already know a member, send an email to and ask for an invitation to join. We’ll happily send you one as soon as we can.